September 2020 Edition

Screenplay Contest

Feature Films

Swardham – Special Mention & Best Background Score Award (India)

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A Journalist named Teju is been in search of various sensational news to her news channel, fortunately she has been suggested by her brother to take an interview with a set of people who seems to be friends and family of a character named SURYA and this project was named as “LAD”’ Surya has a joyful and an enthusiastic life. He played a very important role in his friends lives. Surya has a best friend name chinna , who is a national cricket player met with a major kidney failure which led him to a sudden death. This incident had made surya to go into trauma and he started researching about organ donation. While in his research he had found many myths about organ donation and now story runs how he dealt with it, and what is the relation between teju’s brother and surya! Finally teju found the meaning of “LAD…?”.

Documentary Films

Ska d By The Music – Best Documentary Award (United Kingdom)

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This award winning documentary tells the story of Symarip the creators of the ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ album. The British Jamaican Ska band that engaged a generation of working class teenagers.

Music Videos

Devil – Best Music Award (Germany)

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Movie Theme “DEVIL” of the german anti bullying film “WHY? You can be the next one!”.

Indian Short Film Category

OH FISH – Best Film, Best Women Director & Best Actor Award For " Dheekshith Shetty"

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OH FISH is a slice of life, feel good film shot during the lockdown. The story is about Harshita and Abhi –young, urban millenials living by themselves in the city and stuck at home during the lockdown. Their paths cross because of a delivery app mix up. Will these two lonely people connect and meet each other or no? This forms the crux of the story. The idea is to bring a happy smile on your face during these crazy times of the pandemic.

International Short Film Category

Unroadworthy – Best Comedy Short & Best Actor Award For "Adrian Glen" (Australia)

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A dark comedy about friendship, loyalty and a dead body in the boot of a broken down car.

Filmmaker Reviews

Madras Independent Film Festival

Filmmakers Review

Arek Zasowski

Friendly and professional online event. Good communication with the Organisers. Beautiful laurel and certificate. I will submit again my future projects. Keep up the great work.

Brandie Rich

This was a wonderful festival! The communication was great and timely. This festival didn’t hesitate to respond to any of my questions regarding the process and I received my beautiful laurels and certificate very quickly. I look forward to submitting future projects to this festival.

Angelena Bonet

What an absolute honour to be a part of the Madras Independent Film Festival! To win Best Women Filmmaker for my documentary "Change The World" is a dream come true. Thank you for such a wonderful film awards ~ your communication and heartfelt care for independent filmmakers is much appreciated. Keep up the great work and I look forward to submitting more of my work in the near future!

Molly Gazay

Love this festival! We have won a few awards from Madras, and we couldn’t be happier. They were great at updating us, and promoting the materials on their social media and website!

MIguel Angel Barroso García

Great Festival that looks at independent cinema, auteur cinema of all genres !!! We are very grateful for the Award for our films !!! Good luck!!!

Ken Holmes

Fantastic festival! I’m thrilled to have been a part. Definitely recommend!

Craig Moore

Thanks to Madras Independent Film Festival for recognising my short film, Three Brothers Two, in their acting categories. Very pleased. Quick turnaround, very affordable and the certificates are nice!

Just A Girl 17x

Loved, loved loved this festival. This is Depression was chosen as an award winner and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much MIFF... you are all lovely xx

Barron Smith

This was a excellent festival. They communicated well and everything was on time!!!!

Karthick K

Everything was good especially communication are in timely manner !
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