November 2020 Edition

Screenplay Contest

Feature Films

Orson Rehearsed – Special Mention Award (United States)

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Orson Welles’ heart has just stopped. We enter his mind in this moment, on the threshold between life and death. In the bardo Orson’s thoughts unspool as a stream of consciousness that loops back on itself, like a mobius strip. Three avatars onstage in the theater of his mind are paired with three films within the film as he shuffles through his memories, loves, regrets, like a magician preparing for one last magic trick. Is he ready for what comes next?

Documentary Films

The Oasis – Best Documentary Award (India)

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In the desert of concrete and pollution in Kolkata there is an oasis. The architect of this oasis is Mr. Dhananjoy Chakraborty, popularly known as Bapi da. He has two cars—a Yellow Taxi and a Cartoon car. The Yellow Taxi is used to ride in routes and the Cartoon car is used for private riding. He has made his two cars gardens full of grass and plants. The roofs of the cars are covered with velvety green grass and there are many plants at the back of the seat. Every day in the morning he looks after the vegetation in the cars with his own hands. All day long this oasis moves across the city tirelessly to purify the desert of concrete. The passengers are very much pleased riding in this Taxi. Actually Dhananjoy is a votary of nature. He lives in a small room teeming with plants. Leaving the family in other place Dhananjoy lives alone in nature and with nature. He dreams of a pollution-free green world.

Indian Short Film Category

KUKLI – Best Short Film Award

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Pukli is a village girl who belongs to an indigenous community of rural India. The lively little girl is known for her endless questions and curiosity towards anything unknown to her. But one fine day she suddenly stopped talking to everyone. No one had any clue about her silence. Her parents, villagers, and school teacher have tried a lot to find out her doubt. But they all remained speechless when they heard her foremost unanswered question.

Animation Short Film Category

Creatures In My House – Best Stop Motion Animation & Best Women Filmmaker Award (United States)

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The exquisitely handcrafted world in this stop motion animated short, follows a house full of peculiar monsters waking up amuck in this askew home. This quirky and tactile household is full of frenetic energy set off by the morning alarm. Discover what the ruckus in the kitchen is really about in this colorful nod to film noir and German expressionism. It’s horrifyingly delightful.

International Short Film Category

He Rang – Best Thriller Short, Best Supporting Actress Award For “Lauren Ledwich” (United States)

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Two lovers try to mend their broken heart, he “calls” for one.

Filmmaker Reviews

Madras Independent Film Festival

Filmmakers Review

Arek Zasowski

Friendly and professional online event. Good communication with the Organisers. Beautiful laurel and certificate. I will submit again my future projects. Keep up the great work.

Brandie Rich

This was a wonderful festival! The communication was great and timely. This festival didn’t hesitate to respond to any of my questions regarding the process and I received my beautiful laurels and certificate very quickly. I look forward to submitting future projects to this festival.

Angelena Bonet

What an absolute honour to be a part of the Madras Independent Film Festival! To win Best Women Filmmaker for my documentary "Change The World" is a dream come true. Thank you for such a wonderful film awards ~ your communication and heartfelt care for independent filmmakers is much appreciated. Keep up the great work and I look forward to submitting more of my work in the near future!

Molly Gazay

Love this festival! We have won a few awards from Madras, and we couldn’t be happier. They were great at updating us, and promoting the materials on their social media and website!

MIguel Angel Barroso García

Great Festival that looks at independent cinema, auteur cinema of all genres !!! We are very grateful for the Award for our films !!! Good luck!!!

Ken Holmes

Fantastic festival! I’m thrilled to have been a part. Definitely recommend!

Craig Moore

Thanks to Madras Independent Film Festival for recognising my short film, Three Brothers Two, in their acting categories. Very pleased. Quick turnaround, very affordable and the certificates are nice!

Just A Girl 17x

Loved, loved loved this festival. This is Depression was chosen as an award winner and we couldn't be happier. Thank you so much MIFF... you are all lovely xx

Barron Smith

This was a excellent festival. They communicated well and everything was on time!!!!

Karthick K

Everything was good especially communication are in timely manner !
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